All Natural Clumping Litter

The Good Earth is an All Natural Litter, which means there are no chemicals, perfumes or fragrances which may offend your feline companion. The fast acting moisture absorption of The Good Earth Litter works so quickly that moisture won’t allow the litter to stick to the bottom or sides of your litter pan; it even locks in odor-causing bacteria. The clumps are made in seconds and become harder the more they sit.

Our Story

We care about the earth, everyone’s health, our employees, and our pets. At our office in Wisconsin we provide a community garden where all employees can help and take home fresh grown fruits and veggies. Want to bring your pet to work? No problem! We are a completely pet friendly company. Wonder where The Good Earth Litter is made; why right here in our manufacturing facility connected to our offices.

We get our grasses from the heartlands of the Midwest to bring you Non-GMO litter. Our litter is good for your cat, good for your household, and good for the Earth.



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