Location is your most important consideration. Manufacturing facilities should be within close proximity to shipping routes, be them interstates, rail or waterways. Retail stores, on the other hand, are best placed along busy commuter roads near residential zones. Consider who and what are coming and going from your building when selecting your final location.

Once you’ve determined a general location, choosing a specific site is next. It must be accessible and have enough room for your building, parking area, loading or shipping bay and any other required space. Although modular construction require comparatively less site disruption as other building projects, it’s still important for there to be enough space to bring in all elements of the building.

Preconstruction Preparation

Most traditional and modular construction projects follow a similar path once the site is selected. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Needs Assessment: This outlines all the objectives of a particular project, including the type of building, needed space, utilities, etc.
  • Site Survey: The survey ensures the selected site is appropriate for the project, and makes sure the building can be constructed according to all local codes and ordinances.
  • Building Design: Rough elevations, the needs assessment and the site survey are incorporated into the final building design.

Once all plans are approved and permits are in hand, you’re ready to ready to begin construction.